The Compass Rose

Among the most basic of needs of any mariner on the water, is the need to know the heading to the next waypoint. With the advancements in electronic navigation, it has become much easier to travel from waypoint to waypoint. That is, as long as your electronics are operating properly. In a pinch, it always […]... Read More

The Origin of the “Mercator Projection”

In the year 1512, Gerardus Mercator was born. He would eventually have a great and lasting impact on navigation. Young Mercator grew up to become a geographer of worldwide fame. And why does the name “Mercator” have a familiar ring to most of us mariners? If you look in the title block of your navigation […]... Read More

Man Overboard! Do You Have a Plan?

What would you do if one of your passengers fell overboard? How much thought have you given to what you would do if that occurred? Furthermore, if it’s you in the water, is your crew trained to handle the situation? There are a few things that should be done as soon as a person falls […]... Read More