Personal Watercraft Safety

The advent of “Personal Watercraft” in recent years has heightened our awareness to the issue of speed on our waterways. In general, PWC are operated at greater speeds than powerboats, and infinitely greater speeds than sailboats. To some degree, speed is essential on a PWC since it is nearly impossible for operators to keep their […]... Read More

The Weakest Links

We’ve all heard the expression “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” When it comes to boating safety, a few items on your boat come to mind that fall under the “weakest link” theory. How about anchor lines, mooring lines and mast stays, just to name a few? A failure of a […]... Read More

Persons in the Water (PIW)

Have you ever heard the abbreviation “PIW” used on the marine VHF Radio? It stands for “Person(s) in the Water.” It is a commonly used Coast Guard abbreviation.  During an emergency or distress situation, it is important for the Coast Guard to know the number of persons in the water in order to make an […]... Read More