How to Avoid “Dock Sins”

By World Wide Marine Training We’ve talked about “passing” etiquette before. That is, not waking the @#$%& out of the boat that you are passing. You have all observed some of our fellow mariners during lapses in courtesy while passing. But, what about dockside etiquette? More to the point, let’s talk about “the seven deadly […]... Read More

Know How to Tow – Safely

Has your vessel ever been towed? Have you ever towed another vessel? There are several things that you may not know regarding towing safety. Towing another vessel safely is done in the normal course of business for a professional towing captain. They routinely follow procedures that keep you safe. The operator of a towing vessel […]... Read More

Know the Basics for Painless Anchoring

If you’ve got a “hankerin for anchorin”, be careful that an adventure doesn’t turn into an ordeal. There are no absolutes, but if you remember a few basic things, your trip will go like clockwork. Stay away from cable and pipeline areas. They are clearly marked on your chart.  Your tide table and chart will […]... Read More