Why You Need Chart Number 1

There are a wide variety of symbols, abbreviations and terms on nautical charts that describe the physical condition of each waterway.  There is much information on a nautical chart that can warn you about potential trouble and keep you where you want to be. Among the most important items in any body of water are […]... Read More

Persons in the Water (PIW)

Have you ever heard the abbreviation “PIW” used on the marine VHF Radio? It stands for “Person(s) in the Water.” It is a commonly used Coast Guard abbreviation.  During an emergency or distress situation, it is important for the Coast Guard to know the number of persons in the water in order to make an […]... Read More

Understanding Tides

Did you ever wonder what causes the Tides? Many people refer to the tide as a “Lunar Tide.” Due to the “lunar” reference, most mariners assume that the tide is a result of lunar forces only. However, the term “Lunar Tide” refers only to the part of the tide that is produced by lunar forces. […]... Read More