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Grafton , Il OUPV class. Begins Thursday, May 9, 2024 - Thursday, May 16, 2024

Seeking Instructors at World Wide Marine Training for ABLE SEAMAN ~ STCW BASIC TRAINING ~ OUPV courses. 

New 2024 Class Schedule Now Available on Our Schedule Page.

FCC now requires applicants to register an FCC profile and FRN before taking the MROP Element 1 exam

There is a step-by-step video which instructs new applicants how to register.

Remember this has to be done BEFORE registering for MROP exam!

MROP: Required on vessels over 300 gross tons and vessels that carry more than 6 paying passengers

Call us for easy sign-up and examination information!


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(Special, Limited, Unlimited)
Take “A” or “B” in any order  

Part “A” – $660 – Theory

General Description – The 44-hr. course, Part “A”, satisfies the written examination requirement and the practical knot tying assessment requirement.

Part “B” – $835  Personal Survival Techniques & Proficiency in Survival Craft (Restricted) & STCW Elementary First Aid.

General Description – Part “B” satisfies the requirement for the 32-hr course and written examination and practical assessment requirements for any mariner requiring an endorsement in Proficiency in Survival Craft (PSC) restricted and the 8-hr Elementary First Aid examination and assessment requirement as set out in Table A-V1/1-3 of the STCW code.


  • AB Special – 360 days deck service on any navigable waters of the US.
  • AB Limited – 540 days deck service on vessels 100 GRT or over, not exclusive to rivers & smaller inland lakes of the US.
  • AB Unlimited – 1080 days deck service on Oceans or Great Lakes.


LIFEBOATMAN Requirements
ALL AB ratings MUST qualify as
or Lifeboatman-Limited (PSC)


  • Course Topics Include:
    • Navigation Rules
    • Lookout duties
    • Helm orders
    • Aids to Navigation
    • Cargo Handling
    • Fire Fighting & Prevention
    • Launch & recovery of survival craft.
    • Donning personal survival gear.
    • Righting an overturned life raft.

All Able Seamen require either one of the following Lifeboatman endorsements:

1. The endorsement in Proficiency in Survival Craft (PSC) (restricted) for mariners serving on vessels NOT equipped with traditional lifeboats.  Such survival craft include rescue boats, inflatable life rafts, etc. (we offer this as Part “B” of our Able Seaman program)

2. The endorsement as a Lifeboatman for mariners serving on vessels equipped with traditional lifeboats i.e., Cruise Ships (we DO NOT offer the Lifeboatman Endorsement).

  • For this Endorsement, a day is defined as eight hours of watch standing or work day, not to include overtime – See Application, Forms & Instructions for  more details.
  • Sea Service can be counted back to your 16th birthday.

ABLE SEAMAN, AB Course Schedule

ONLY in Oriental, NC
Sept 16-20, 2024
Nov 4-8, 2024
Dec 2-6, 2024
Sept 23-27, 2024
Nov 11-15, 2024
Dec 9-13, 2024
There are NO ADDITIONAL FEES for exams, study materials, books or plotting tools. Price includes all training & testing material.
*Payment required in advance to secure your seat!
We'll accept cash, checks, debit or credit cards.
Tuition assistance available through First Citizens Bank. Contact: