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Seeking Instructors at World Wide Marine Training for ABLE SEAMAN ~ STCW BASIC TRAINING ~ OUPV courses. 

New 2024 Class Schedule Now Available on Our Schedule Page.

FCC now requires applicants to register an FCC profile and FRN before taking the MROP Element 1 exam

There is a step-by-step video which instructs new applicants how to register.

Remember this has to be done BEFORE registering for MROP exam!

MROP: Required on vessels over 300 gross tons and vessels that carry more than 6 paying passengers

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UPGRADE MASTER 100-tons to MASTER 200-tons – $460

Masters License

(Inland, Great Lakes, Near Coastal) 

General Description – The 200-ton Masters License is required to operate an inspected vessel of over 100-tons and not more than 200-tons that carries seven or more passengers. In order to carry seven or more passengers “under sail,” a Sail Endorsement is also required.

General Course Description – This 3-day course is for upgrading an existing 100-ton Masters License to a 200-ton Masters License. This course runs for three consecutive days. Class hours are from 8:00 am through 5:30 pm for the three days of instruction. We give the test at the end of day 3.

Course Topics Include:

  • Navigation Charts and Publications
  • VHF Radio Communication
  • Marine Engineering Terms
  • Small Engine Operation
  • Marine Power Plant Operating Principles
  • Vessel Trim & Stability
  • Stability & Stress Calculations
  • Firefighting & Fire Prevention
  • Electronic Navigation
  • Cargo Stowage & Security


UPGRADE 100-TON to 200-TON
Inland, Great Lakes or Near Coastal
Recency – 90 days must be in the past 3 years on vessels.
Inland – 360 days of service, OF WHICH: 180 days must have been as a Master, Mate, or equivalent position while holding a license or endorsement as Master, Mate, Master or Mate (pilot) of towing vessels, or OUPV. Near Coastal – 720 total days of service on Ocean or Near Coastal Waters, OF WHICH: service on   Inland waters, other than Great Lakes,  MAY substitute for up to 360 days of the total required service, AND 360 MUST have been as a master, mate , or equivalent supervisory position while holding an endorsement as master, as mate, or as operator of uninspected passenger vessels; OR 360 days as a Master or Mate of  Ocean or N/C Towing Vessels  and completion of an examination.  
Great Lakes – 360 days of service OF WHICH: 180 days must have been as a Master, Mate, or equivalent position while holding a license or endorsement as Master, Mate, Master or Mate (pilot) of towing vessels, or OUPV, AND 90 days of service on Great Lakes.


Tonnage Limitation – This course satisfies the examination requirement for the 200-ton Masters License.  The tonnage level of a Masters License is based on the size vessels on which you have your sea service experience.

Tonnage Calculations
Great Lakes & or Inland
Tonnage Calculations
Near Coastal
200-GRT – 90 days (25%) of service on vessels of 101 GRT or above, OR 180 days (50%) of service on vessels of 67 GRT or above. 200-GRT – 180 days (25%) required on vessels of 101 GRT or above, OR 360 days (50%) required on vessels over 67 GRT or above.

UPGRADE MASTER 100-tons to MASTER 200-tons Course Schedule:


Oriental, NC
Oriental, NC
Morehead City, NC
Manteo, NC
Raleigh, NC Area
Wilmington, NC
Jan 26-28, 2024
Apr 23-25, 2024
Aug 27-29, 2024
There are NO ADDITIONAL FEES for exams, study materials, books or plotting tools. Price includes all training & testing material.
*Payment required in advance to secure your seat!
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