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Seeking Instructors at World Wide Marine Training for ABLE SEAMAN ~ STCW BASIC TRAINING ~ OUPV courses. 

New 2025 schedule will be available in late summer this year on Our Schedule Page.

FCC now requires applicants to register an FCC profile and FRN before taking the MROP Element 1 exam

There is a step-by-step video which instructs new applicants how to register.

Remember this has to be done BEFORE registering for MROP exam!

MROP: Required on vessels over 300 gross tons and vessels that carry more than 6 paying passengers

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UPGRADE MASTER 100-tons to MASTER 200-tons – $460

Masters License

(Inland, Great Lakes, Near Coastal) 

General Description – The 200-ton Masters License is required to operate an inspected vessel of over 100-tons and not more than 200-tons that carries seven or more passengers. In order to carry seven or more passengers “under sail,” a Sail Endorsement is also required.

General Course Description – This 3-day course is for upgrading an existing 100-ton Masters License to a 200-ton Masters License. This course runs for three consecutive days. Class hours are from 8:00 am through 5:30 pm for the three days of instruction. We give the test at the end of day 3.

Course Topics Include:

  • Navigation Charts and Publications
  • VHF Radio Communication
  • Marine Engineering Terms
  • Small Engine Operation
  • Marine Power Plant Operating Principles
  • Vessel Trim & Stability
  • Stability & Stress Calculations
  • Firefighting & Fire Prevention
  • Electronic Navigation
  • Cargo Stowage & Security


UPGRADE 100-TON to 200-TON
Inland, Great Lakes or Near Coastal
Recency – 90 days must be in the past 3 years on vessels.
Inland – 360 days of service, OF WHICH: 180 days must have been as a Master, Mate, or equivalent position while holding a license or endorsement as Master, Mate, Master or Mate (pilot) of towing vessels, or OUPV. Near Coastal – 720 total days of service on Ocean or Near Coastal Waters, OF WHICH: service on   Inland waters, other than Great Lakes,  MAY substitute for up to 360 days of the total required service, AND 360 MUST have been as a master, mate , or equivalent supervisory position while holding an endorsement as master, as mate, or as operator of uninspected passenger vessels; OR 360 days as a Master or Mate of  Ocean or N/C Towing Vessels  and completion of an examination.  
Great Lakes – 360 days of service OF WHICH: 180 days must have been as a Master, Mate, or equivalent position while holding a license or endorsement as Master, Mate, Master or Mate (pilot) of towing vessels, or OUPV, AND 90 days of service on Great Lakes.


Tonnage Limitation – This course satisfies the examination requirement for the 200-ton Masters License.  The tonnage level of a Masters License is based on the size vessels on which you have your sea service experience.

Tonnage Calculations
Great Lakes & or Inland
Tonnage Calculations
Near Coastal
200-GRT – 90 days (25%) of service on vessels of 101 GRT or above, OR 180 days (50%) of service on vessels of 67 GRT or above. 200-GRT – 180 days (25%) required on vessels of 101 GRT or above, OR 360 days (50%) required on vessels over 67 GRT or above.

UPGRADE MASTER 100-tons to MASTER 200-tons Course Schedule:


Oriental, NC
Oriental, NC
Morehead City, NC
Manteo, NC
Raleigh, NC Area
Wilmington, NC
Jan 26-28, 2024
Apr 23-25, 2024
Aug 27-29, 2024
There are NO ADDITIONAL FEES for exams, study materials, books or plotting tools. Price includes all training & testing material.
*Payment required in advance to secure your seat!
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